Current Projects

Transforming the Playground at the Tokmok Orphanage


Our newest initiative is to refurbish the playground at the Tokmok Baby House, which serves about 100 children ages 0-4. The current grounds are unsafe and unusable for the children. KCF is answering the call from the orphanage director for the playground and we are starting this project in stages.

  1. First, we have already removed the current debris and rusty equipment, including filling in an old pool that was unusable, to provide more play space.
  2. Next, we are focusing on safety by installing a rubberized playground surface in an initial section of the orphanage grounds. We have just received 3 bids from 2 different vendors.
  3. Lastly, we will provide and install age-appropriate playground equipment providing valuable stimulation for the children. As our funding allows, we then plan to resurface and add playground equipment to the adjacent outdoor play areas at Tokmok.

Please support the playground if you can! You can contribute here!

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